The king died and then the queen died is a story. The king died, and then the queen died of grief is a plot. - E. M. Forster
Developing the plot for a book is much like making soup. If you serve boiled water with only meat it will taste like a bland stock. Add too much salt and it becomes inedible. Only the right balance of meat, vegetables and spices makes for a savory and satisfying meal. Nobody wants to close a book and ask themselves what they had for their literary fare. Give them an experience that makes them want to tell all their friends to take a seat at your banquet of words. 
Plot (noun)  /'plat/  1) An area of land that has been measured as a consided unit,
usually a small piece of land that is used for a particular purpose (cemetery plot),
- a series of events that form a story in a novel.
We specialize in dynamic plot and story structure.
Give us the opportunity to read your book. With an eye of experienced scrutiny we will evaluate your plot, story and characters. Then suggest how to improve, restructure and flesh out the elements to give your manuscript the heft necessary to grab and hold readers. Andalusia has helped many writers restructure and tell their story in ways that take the "Ho-hum' to "OMG!" Through twists, turns, red herrings and chapter cliff-hangers, we take what we see as potentially great ideas and help them become great stories. But we don't do it all for you. We work to lead, nudge and challenge each writer to break out of limiting thinking and use their imagination to become better story tellers. We are not editors and do not polish manuscripts. Our goal is to help our authors cut the facets to brilliant creative potential so the grammar editor simply needs to polish the gem.
How does this work?  Let's look at a simple example. 
Joe died. He was driving his tractor through his field and ran it into a large hole in the ground. The tractor crushed Joe. He is survived by his wife, Emma and three children.  
Is that a plot? No, that is an obituary.
How's this... Joe's wife is having an affair and gets nothing if she divorces him. Joe's farm has been in his family for generations and is worth a million dollars. Her boyfriend owns a backhoe service and they contrive a plan to insure Joe has an accident. She cares little for Joe's children from his first marriage but puts on a false front to avoid suspicion. Joe goes to a farmer's convention and Emma sets up her alibi so she wont be be a suspect if the accident is questioned. She can already see herself in the Bahamas.
Joe comes home, goes to plow his field and the ground collapses beneath his tractor and he is killed. Emma acts crushed, weeps and asks how this could have happened? Investigators tell her he drove his rig over an old well. Confused about the cause, Emma calls John who does not answer. She later learns he was shot to death in his apartment with a gun registered to her. Emma is brought in for questioning and arrested.
Now the reader can't put it down...