Like a herding cats? Oh, it's not that bad, now that we have computers and graphics software... it's worse. To properly format an ebook for cross platform publishing is not as simple as saving in PDF format. No, there are mobi files and Apple formats and as many other formats as there are ebook platforms. And formatting for print? Now there's margins and page breaks and...
The list goes on...
Formatting a proper book for print is like trying to herd cats - Helen Ryche/Typesetter 
To successfully tackle the logistics of laying out a multi platform e-book is like... well, there's nothing like it. My very good friend, business associate and partner in crime is the only person I know that can do it well. Sure, there are many out there that can do it, probably as many that have perfected knife throwing and spinning plates. It is a juggling act to make sure the code is correct or the file is clean enough or saved in the right format to avoid any problems once published. We offer this service and test the files before they are uploaded. Andalusia Press makes sure cover art, additional information and sales links are in place and provide you, the author, with the links to complete your profiles. Nothing is left to chance.
To lay out a traditional print book once took hundreds of man hours setting type and managing giant presses. Today, well, it's all computerized. A file is called up on a monitor and they tell the machine how many books they want and a Wiley Coyote, Acme Company contraption begins to chug and whistle and grind until finished paperback books come sliding out of the end. It's true! But before they can open the file and press the print button, the book must to be laid out by somebody that understands margins and gutter tolerances and header configurations and book standards - to make it print right when they push that button. Our template programs and quality controls systems guarantee that the files uploaded to your traditional (yeah, right) printers are what they need.