We pride ourselves in offering a full range of services that benefit the indie author. With the ever changing world of publishing, it is important to know how to stay current and maximize the return on your creative endeavors. From dynamic cover design, plot & story coaching and clean interior formatting, every aspect of the process is available from Andalusia Author Services. Our goal is to help make the road to success a little less perilous. Welcome, how may we help you? 
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 A full service design, branding and publishing consulting company
Who and what is out there and what they provide - put in the simplest terms.
VANITY PRESS: These are the people that will take your book, print you as many copies as you want and drop ship them to your house. It is your job to sell, ship, bill and otherwise manage every aspect of your publishing experience. They generally produce a nice product and then wait until you need some more. This a lot of work if you have a day job or want a life. It's expensive.
PRINT ON DEMAND (POD): They will do everything for you from the cover, promotional cards and posters and market the book. Authors get their start this way but you better have deep pockets. POD takes NO risk. Everything costs. It's not unheard of to find yourself $5,000 out of pocket and then they send you five (5) copies of your book. If need more they charge you full wholesale cost to supply it. When books are ordered they print and ship them one at a time. Low royalty too.
ALTERNATIVE PUBLISHERS (Scam): This lot offers the same basic service as POD but promise to get you in the bookstores. They will promise you mainstream reviews and distribution options and in the end, well, they will place the ebook on Amazon, continue to make promises and then ask for more money. REAL PUBLISHERS DON'T CHARGE AUTHORS! These guys will swear they are "traditional" publishers and milk you for all they can get. Stay way, stay far, far away.
SMALL SPECIALTY PRESSES: These can be a wonderful experience or a complete nightmare. Small houses always come with the best intentions. They charge nothing, want you to succeed and desperately want to grow and fill the need for authors that have been overlooked by the big boys. Some do a great job but many do not. Research them and see how they are rated. The great thing is, you are traditionally published, the bad thing is most cannot get you in the bookstores.
DO IT YOURSELF: E-Book and free POD managed books are best for struggling writers. Finish it, format it and upload it. You can pay Amazon or other publishers to do it for you as well. Once the book is up they manage sales, pay you every two months and offer a nice royalty - the best in the industry. Promotion and marketing is up to you and you can do that through social media and word of mouth. This is the best and least expensive way to get your work into the market.